Sarah Lays the Smack Down

Sarah Gregory spanks Jenni Mack OTK for parking her car in a no parking zone

Today’s update is very pretty, very sexy and very spanky! It features two committed spankees, Sarah Gregory and Jenni Mack is a beautiful girl-on-girl OTK scene. The two ladies play roommates and when Jenni borrows Sarah’s car and gets herself into trouble there can be only one outcome… well, on this website… an OTK spanking is in order to teach redhead Jenni Mack the error of her ways. Sarah had been worried sick when Jenni had been very late getting home but the worst thing to happen was that the car was parked in a no parking zone and was towed. Relieved, Sarah makes Jenni agree to pay her back the fee to release the car, then get over her knee for a well-deserved spanking…

As you can see from this gallery, sarah is blossoming into a lovely switch who certainly looks the part when she is on top. The two sexy babes together, one redhead and one brunette, look very sexy and there is no letting up on Jenni’s round bottom until the very end!

You can watch this very sexy spanking movie and many more (over 60 and counting) gorgeous spanking scenes at the one-and-only Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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