Sophie’s Over the Desk Punishment

Sophie gets approached by her teacher in the classroom

Since we’ve been talking about the cane quite a bit recently I wanted to post about Spanked Cutie as they have some really amazing canings over there. The canings tend to be good and hard but they stop short of going completely over the top.

This movie features a couple of different scenes with Sophie in. Sophie’s big, round bottom is definitely a site favorite. She may have stopped getting spanked on camera these days, or certainly not as much as she used to, but her videos still make compelling viewing. Here, Sophie’s playing a naughty schoolgirl*, the glasses make her look very different but that bottom is still the same, especially when her white knickers are pulled down for a caning on her bare bum.

Bending over the desk for the cane on her white panties

A lot of Sophie’s spankings are much much harder than this one but this is a nice introduction to Sophie’s big, white booty.

There is lots of stuff I like about Sophie.. I like the fact that she not only takes but also gives out spankings (actually, very hard). I like her voice when she speaks (she doesn’t speak than much compared to some girls), she looks very normal and down-to-earth and I’ve talked about her rear already. Her general girl-next-door with sexy euro accent and the hard punishments all adds up to a mega spanking combo.

There’s a large archive of Sophie’s (sometimes very hard) spankings at..

Spanked Cutie

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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