Tied to a Tree and Caned

Sophie is Tied to a Tree and Caned

The garden at the back of Sophie’s house is a spanking paradise. There is so much trouble for a naughty girl to get into and so many places for her to be dealt with in when she’s caught. Here she’s been bad again so it’s pants down in this bare bottomed caning gallery.

She’s been tied to a tree that seems ideally shaped for a caning. Her wrists are tied to two branches that are at just the right height and she’s even getting a little support from the branch that’s just in front of her tummy. Nature seems to have ensured that Sophie is correctly positioned for this outdoor caning. I love the way she can see the fence a short distance in front of her.. that fence is presumably between her house and the neighbors who can probably hear everything that’s going on. Hotness!

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Spanked Cutie

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