Niki Flynn’s Classroom Punishment

Niki Flynn sits back down after her spanking with a bare bottom

We’ve not had a Niki Flynn post for a while so this one is well overdue. It’s actually got two pretty big names in the spanking world in it… Niki herself and Elizabeth Simpson. Here, Elizabeth is the teacher and it looks like Niki is doing her detention because she’s the only student* left in the classroom. She’s firstly spanked over the knee, those big, regulation knickers squeezed into her cheeks so that the teacher can see some bare flesh. Eventually the panties are removed entirely and Niki bends over the table for a leather paddle on her bare bottom.

When the paddling is over Niki returns to her desk without her panties and sits down on the wooden chair with her sore bottom sat directly on the cold, hard wood. But that is just the beginning, in gallery 2 she bends over the teacher’s desk again, this time for the cane. This schoolgirl spanking movie can be found on…

Spanked Cutie

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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