Truth or Dare

Sarah knocks the drink out of Kyle's hand for a dare

Today’s update shows Sarah Gregory in her sexy best with her new blonde hair…

Sarah is staying with her friend’s Kyle and Stevie. Stevie and Sarah are playing truth or dare and she dares Sarah to knock a drink out of Kyle’s hand knowing it would get Sarah spanked.

Sarah Gregory getting spanked over the knee in denim jeans

Being a huge fan of ladies in tight-fitting jeans I loved this movie. Sarah is wearing jeans and a hot pink top and push-up bra before her jeans are untied and yanked down.

Kyle unbuttons Sarah jeans

There are some great angles, as you can see from the blow picture that shows off pretty Sarah in an awkward situation, just the way we like her. There’s a great downblouse view at sarah’s beautiful breasts down her pink top as she looks concerned. The reason for her concern is not only the smacks being applied to her tender bottom, but also the fact that Kyle is about to pull down her panties aswell.

Sarah Gregory big boobs downblouse as she is spanked over the knee

So Sarah’s naughtiness is finished off properly with a good hand spanking on her bottom, making her ass cheeks very red indeed with some hard M/F spanking.

If you like to see naughty ladies getting a hard OTK spanking then there are plenty of nice, hard punishments of Sarah and her equally naughty girlfriends at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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