Chloe Elise’s Colorful Panties get yanked down!

Chloe Elise's Colorful Panties get yanked down!

I should say at this point that I am not a panty expert. I like anything that’s fairly modern and white or plain or cute-looking. Sometimes striped can be kinda fun, or polka dots in nice colors, but what is Chloe Elise wearing?? They deserve to be pulled down and her cute, little butt spanked!

Chloe Elise has been fighting with her sister so she gets cornertime.. during her cornertime she cannot keep still so her Mom decides she needs an over the knee spanking. She’s dragged from the corner and flipped over her Mom’s lap and given a spanking. She gets a couple of smacks over her skirt then the no-nonsense Mom flips up the skirt and pulls down the panties right away, and it’s straight into a very nice and firm hand spanking on Chloe Elise’s lovely bottom….

Sassy brat Chloe Elise’s OTK spanking gallery

The Mom is called Susan and she must be spanking well because as soon as the panties come down they’re forgotten and it’s all about the strict Mom and a barrage of hard smacks on Chloe’s reddening bare bottom. I liked it a lot and it’s a reminder that I should do what I’ve been thinking about for ages and do something on the female “spankers” or “tops”.. Watch this space and get the full movies of Chloe Elise’s many misdemeanors at…

Punished Brats

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