The truth behind the fairytale…

Grandma is unimpressed with Little Red Riding Hood's story

We all know the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, the big bad wolf, and her Grandma but now the real truth is revealed. Little Red Riding Hood, played by sexy brunette Scarlet Summers was skipping through the forest to visit her Grandma. Along the way she met a big bad boy who stole her panties, or a wolf if you prefer. When she arrives at Grandma’s house in her short skimpy red dress, disheveled, with no panties and lying about her whereabouts, Grandma turns her over her knee and spanks her bare bottom a bright red. So now she’s a Little Red Bottom Hood!!

Scarlet makes an adorable Red Riding Hood and this photo as Grandma starts to uncover her bare bottom cheeks is very hot indeed…

When she pulls up her granddaughter's skirt she discovers that her panties are missing

Scarlet Summers is very sexy indeed especially for those of us who appreciate naughty brunettes. This scene has a very beautiful and sexy look to it. The naughty lady’s costume, complete with red heels, delivers us straight away into the fairytale, and strict domme, Dana Specht, plays Grandma and shows us exactly how the story should have gone by spanking the naughty girl’s bottom til it gets very red indeed.

Grandma gives little red riding hood a good over the knee spanking

It’s really fitting that Scarlet play Little Red Riding Hood, she certainly has the perfect name, and bottom for it. Dana gives her a nice hard spanking on her lovely bottom. You can watch this full movie and plenty more of sexy ladies getting a good, OTK spanking at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Edit: Scarlet Summers is now called Jordana Leigh.

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