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Pixie gets paddled on the bare by Paul Wilson

It’s been ages since the last website review and Punished Brats is long overdue so there’s plenty of photos today, including the above photo of spanking star Pixie getting her lovely buns beaten by Paul Wilson with a long, wooden brush. As the pics here are not screencaps you probably don’t get the full drama of the scene so watching the movies is the only real way to fully enjoy the spankings..

Veronica spanks naughty Beverly Bacci OTK

Even if you have not heard of some of the girls at Punished Brats you will know or have heard of the main characters Pixie and David Pierson. You will also know some of the other “tops” such as Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda. And, you may know some of the many girls including Beverly Bacci (switch), Chloe Elise, Sarah Gregory, Morgan Mae, Juliet Valentina, Charlie Skye and Erica Corvina.

So, there’s an allstar cast with some amazingly cute bottoms getting spanked but what’s the action like? It’s actually really good. I liked all the movies I watched. I saw a couple of scenes with Veronica and Clare Fonda where they really gave some girls some very sore bottoms. Veronica in particular is very strict and no-nonsense in her disciplinary techniques. It’s mainly OTK but there’s plenty of implements being used aswell such as the belt, hairbrush and yardstick.

David Pierson spanks the ever-naughty Chloe Elise

Each movie is a spanking mini-drama of it’s own: we see how the girl has gotten herself into trouble then after she’s spanked there is generally a little skit at the end where extra humiliation or further spankings are hinted at. While I loved all the spanking vids I watched because of the action and the girls, I’d rather they just finished by doing some cornertime or walking up to their rooms instead of the skit at the end, but that’s just my personal opinion, they are kinda cute.

Some of the scenes were very imaginative. The spanking instructional video was fun and they have some classic scenarios all done in the Punished Brats style.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Erica Corvina

The site is run and webmastered by Pixie who is a real-life spank-o so what you get here is the real deal. The title of the site “Punished Brats” hints at a lot of backchatting and brattiness which is exactly what you get, with some well-deserved spankings. The site is well organized, you can list the movies by top/spanker, date or by the girl who’s getting spanked. I liked the navigation and the extra scene info was pretty useful too. I like Punished Brats! See for yourself at..

Punished Brats

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