Missy & Madison Team Spank Claw

Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin double team Miss Claw in this all-girl scene

Missy Rhodes is still sore from the last spanking that her acting coach Miss Claw gave her. Madison Martin is upset with Miss Claw for tipping off Cynthia that it was her birthday, which resulted in a long spanking from Cynthia. So Missy and Madison team up on Miss Claw and give her a sore bottom, too. They throw her over both of their laps and spank her with hand and hairbrush till Miss Claw, like they, can no longer sit down comfortably.

Miss Claw gets a hard spanking from the two angry ladies

This scene follows on from a couple of previous scene where both Madison Martin and Missy Rhodes getting spanked so justice is sweet for those two ladies on My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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