Lisa in trouble with her friend.. AGAIN!!

Lisa and her friend are scolded before their punishment

When Lisa and her friend write something on a piece of paper and stick it on the back of their teacher’s jacket they should not be surprised when he is less than impressed. It seems that today’s punishment will be for the two naughty ladies and instead of being over the knee or over a school desk, this punishment requires one girl to lift the other onto her back so her bare bottom can be thrashed. The two girls worked together to make the sign so they can work together in their punishments..

Strapping and caning movies

It works really well, you get the drama of changing from girl to girl with short bursts of the leather strap and cane. There’s minimal movement due to the obedience of the girls and the position they’re in.. it’s like one girl is helping to hold the other in place. Why aren’t more spankings like this??

Girls Boarding School

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