Michelle Miller

Ebony Michelle Miller gets caught watching something she shouldn't be watching in her bedroom

Following Mandee Miller’s appearance on Exclusive Education 6, the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties is another relative of Lana’s called Michelle Miller. In her interview she is remarkably frank about her spanking experiences and the reasons for them. Then, in her spanking scenes she acts out some very nice scenes with Mandee and Lana playing her sister and mom.

Michelle got into masturbating at an early age and was often spanked for it. Here she acts out a scene where her mom catches her up to no good in the bedroom and has to pull down her panties to teach her a lesson on her big, bare bottom.

Mom Lana spanks Michelle's big brown bottom

Michelle is a very cute ebony babe with a pretty face and curvy body. She has big boobs and an even bigger bottom that is perfect for a scene such as this.

Michelle is a very pretty ebony babe, especially when she's being spanked

In the first scene from this episode Michelle and Mandy have gotten into trouble together for having a party. Both ladies get spanked but we’re lead to believe that it was all started by Mandee.

Michelle is actually the elder of the two girls, with Mandee Miller being younger. I was quite surprised by this as Mandee looks completely different from how she looked in Exclusive Education 6 and looks like she could be the eldest to me. Anyway, Mandee is also in for a hard time in this Spanked Sweeties episode as she gets spanked by both Lana and Michelle.

Mandee Miller also gets spanked as both sisters get thoroughly punished

This is an amazing all-ebony scene that sees hard-hitting Lana get to grips with her two real-life relatives. If you like ebony spanking this is a must-see, and if you are just a fan of real-life spanking and interviews the place to see all this and more is Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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