Blonde gets Whipped

A hot topless blonde whips another blonde babe

I love seeing girl on girl spanking in photos or videos. Spanking movies are great because you get to see and hear everything but there is definitely an underrated beauty to photography. The above photo, for example, is not spanking but it is just amazingly beautiful. The blonde domme is very pretty with a very nice figure and the photo is very clear and there’s just a matter-of-fact-ness and innocence about it that you would not get from the movie. Both cute blondes are topless and one is tied up to a frame and the other is in the process of whipping her back as the photo is taken. The expression on the domme’s face is serious, concentrating and almost expression-less. Of course, in the video you get to see and hear the whip flying through the air and the girl’s reaction…

Luckily, the dominant blonde from the above photo also gets to taste the other end of the lollipop…

Topless blonde is tied up awaiting her punishment

Sometimes it can seem like the spankings we have here and BDSM are a mile apart and sometimes they can be. With Spanking Server the two worlds of spanking and BDSM collide with the hottest European girls you’ll see. The result is beautiful and often very very hard…

Spanking Server

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