Amelia’s Room Service Spanking

Lazy hotel employee Amelia Jane Rutherford is pulled across Dana's lap

In this update hotel guest, Dana Specht, has been pacing the floor for twenty minutes waiting for room service to bring her dinner. When Amelia Jane Rutherford finally knocks on her door with a load of towels and NO dinner, Ms Dana hits the roof! The lackadaisical Amelia tries to calm Ms Dana down by calling the kitchen and re-ordering her dinner but Dana has had enough. Dana threatens to call her supervisor and report Amelia’s poor service and disrespect but then decides, much to Amelia’s horror, that a good hard spanking will suffice. Over Dana’s knee she goes for a bare bottom blistering until a lesson in good service is learned.

Lazy hotel employee Amelia Jane Rutherford is pulled across Dana’s lap for a spanking

While Sarah Gregory is not in this update you can see much more of her and her sexy friends, such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ashley Graham, Kat St. James and Clarissa Montgomery at her website: Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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