Dallas Spanks Hard

Lauren and Sidnee pre- and post-spanking

When we talk about hard spanking one of the hardest out there has to be Dallas. When it comes to exclusively MF spanking sites Dallas Spanks Hard is certainly in the top 2 or 3. I don’t know whether all of these girls like spanking but I did spot some spank-o’s like Pixie among the many sexy girls.

The girl above on the right is called Sidni and she gets a very hard, nude strapping as she’s lying on her front on some kind of bench. She’s naked except for her high heels so after the punishment she gets helped to her feet and led into the corner where she is told exactly how to stand with her ass nice and high in the air. Nice!

A hot chick waits to get spanked hard by Dallas

All the girls are hot with great bodies and most seem to be in their late teens / early twenties. They all get a very long, hard session to endure. Surprisingly some are able to lie motionless without making a sound while others are very vocal about the discomfort in their bottom. The OTK hand-spanking is some of the hardest I’ve ever seen, real punishment-style and there is plenty of strapping with what looks like a very thick, stiff, leather strap and lighter belts.

If you like very hard MF spanking check out the sample clips at…

Dallas Spanks Hard

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