Keepin’ that Ho in Line!

Clare Fonda spanks callgirl Beverly Bacci

Today we are literally keeping those ho’s in line with some proper spanking from a brand new spanking website from Clare Fonda

Beverly Bacci is one of the best girls Clare has working for her so when she suspects the ungrateful callgirl may be planning to leave her stable it is time to take matters into her own hands and deliver some discipline to her. Clare’s firm hand is unrelenting as she explains to Beverly the risks and dangers that exist in a world where Clare is not around.. The working girl is not exactly over dressed so she is never protected very well from the spanking but when Clare removes her panties and starts to whack her poor bottom with the hairbrush things really start to get painful in her sore ass.. Hard girl/girl spanking!

This update comes from the brand spanking NEW Spanked Callgirls website that includes the archives of Clare’s “Kara Prepare Yourself” website. (Kara has officially been transformed into Spanked Callgirls)….

Spanked Callgirls Screenshot

Anyone who has joined the old Kara website will know that it contained a lot of the kinkier side of punishments… rectal temperatures taken, butt plugs, mouth soaping… so combining all those kinky spankings with the very hard girl-girl callgirl spankings is a great combination, especially when the website is also on…

Clare Fonda Pass

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