Webcam Model gets Spanked!!

Casey Calvert gets caught videoing herself stripping in her livingroom

When Casey gets caught stripping for her webcam by Sarah Gregory there is trouble in store for her. Sarah is dismayed that Casey would lower herself into getting naked for strangers on the internet and intends to teach her a lesson…

Sarah Gregory spanks beautiful model Casey Calvert while she’s nude

Sarah Gregory spanks beautiful model Casey Calvert while she's nude

It’s the first time on here for Casey Calvert but you may have seen her before as she’s a fetish/BDSM model. Not only is she beautiful but she plays the part of an amateur webcam model very well and Sarah deals with her naughty bottom, as you’d expect. And, of course, with Casey stripping naked for her webcam she gets spanked in the nude too. very sexy!!

Both this update and the previous shower scene with Leia Ann Woods had nude spankings, so if you like your ladies to be completely bare now is a good time to join Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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