Lisa Strapped on her Hands – Topless

Lisa Strapped on her Hands - Topless

It is not surprising that Lisa should end up getting punished again. The sexy brunette is often spanked on her tight, teen bottom with either the hand, belt or cane. Here the naughty girl with the sexy, slim body and lovely, firm breasts is topless for a strap punishment on her hands…

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While seeing Lisa bend over and getting her amazing bottom slapped is the hottest thing in the world, this shows another side of sexy Lisa.. that is her breasts! I like the way she has to put the hand that is not being punished on the top of her head. She’s looking as hot as ever in her pigtails and the fact that this is a punishment on her hands means that we can see her face and breasts as she’s getting punished.. and that strap really looks like it hurts!

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