Sexy Veronica caught in the act…

Veronica Ricci comes down the stairs almost naked holding a bottle of vodka and a dildo

A very naughty Veronica Ricci thinks that she is all alone in her sorority house. So she comes running down the stairs nearly naked, wearing a party wig, and carrying a dildo and a bottle of vodka. But she finds Sister Mary Kate (Katie Jordin) waiting for her, here to deliver punishment because Veronica has been late to her classes three times.

After the nun spanks Veronica over her knee for a while, Veronica jumps up and kisses her. She gets the nun to admit some of her secret desires, which causes her to spank herself. And then Veronica throws Sister Mary Kate over her knee and spanks her black and blue.

As the nun pulls up her gown and reveals her lovely, tight ass your jaw will drop to the floor. Katie Jordin has a lovely, sexy bubblebutt that looks as hot as hell when she is playing a young and pretty nun. Very kinky!

Pretty nun, Sister Katie, goes over the knee and gets her tight bare bottom spanked

But the nun comes to her senses and gives the naughty sorority girl some whacks with the pledge paddle…

Veronica Ricci bends over for a dose of the pledge paddle from the strict nun

Naughty Veronica Ricci gets a nude spanking and paddling from a pretty nun gallery

Veronica Ricci is also a nude glamour model so she definitely brings teh sexy. The stunning redhead lights up the screen, especially in this scene where the pretty nun is played by her girlfriend, Katie Jordin. The two gorgeous ladies have plenty of fun and end up with some nicely, blushed bottoms.

Spanking Sorority Girls features sexy ladies in some amazing sorority spanking scenes, sometimes with sexy nuns to dish out the discipline. There’s plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect as the new pledges get initiated and begin their sorority life. You can join the site as a part of the best spanking multi-site network on the web… Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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