Madison caned by Mistress Gemini

My Spanking Roommate 15: Madison caned by Mistress Gemini

When Mistress Gemini finally has enough of Madison’s behavior the strict lady gives the naughty girl a hard lesson. No stranger to English Discipline, Madison Martin gets pulled over Gemini’s lap and her denim skirt is soon flipped up as her ass cheeks get a good handspanking from the dominant mistress…

My Spanking Roommate 15: Madison caned by Mistress Gemini gallery

The punishment does not end there, Madison’s heart drops as she spies the cane being produced. Now, her big, round bottom is totally bare and she kneels, bending over the bed for a painful, stinging bare bottom caning.

Madison is cute with a very nice body and she takes her punishment well from Mistress Gemini who is well-dressed and looking as sharp and strict as ever.. Gemini is a class act! No only is she well-renowned in the spanking and fetish world for her brand of disciplinarian-ism but she always seems to be very well presented. Here, with her red hair, red sweater, red heels and tight, grey skirt she looks very business-like and in harmony with the red and cream bedroom. Madison on the other hand is just dressed in a casual fashion in her denim skirt and white top.. the one thing that does match about Madison in her red bottom after her long hard handspanking and consequent caning.

It’s another masterful lesson in giving a punishment from the fierce Mistress Gemini. Watch the full hi-def spanking movie at..

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