Unruly Schoolgirls thrashed in Class

The class of Exclusive Education 7 sit and await their punishments

Here’s some more from the “Spanking Event of the Summer”! Exclusive Education 7 is here and the class of 2012 are one of the hottest line-ups so far with plenty of fan favorites and newbies to see, not to mention this is one of the best storylines.

If you’ve seen any of the previous Exclusive Education movies you’ll know that Lana plays Principal Miller, this year teacher, Snow Mercy, has a teaching assistant, Sarah Gregory. There is also the introduction of the principal’s assistant, Kay Richards, who is looking very sexy in her smart dress suit and hair tied up.

Ms. Snow is called to the Principal’s office where Principal Miller is dealing with a naughty schoolgirl. While she is out of the room, Snow leaves her teacher’s aide to watch over her class. With the teacher gone the class becomes unruly and Christy Cutie begins stripping off Paris Kennedy’s clothes. When Ms. Snow returns chaos has broken out so she and Sarah spank all the students over their knees, two at a time, first with hand, then with hairbrush. The instigator of the disruption, Christy Cutie, is also a major brat and gets 20 with the cane for her part in the naughtiness.

Christy Cutie with her hands on her head is ready to go over Ms Snow's lap

This year’s schoolgirls are also some of the nicest yet with some real beauties with lovely figures. Christy and Veronica Ricci are two of the main characters here and both are very pretty with big boobs, round bottoms and slim waists. Other schoolgirls include familiar faces Phoenix Askani and Katherine St. James who are joined by less familiar, but equally in need of discipline, schoolgirls Koko, Riley, Edanya and Ginger S. Exclusive Education 7 proves to be not only the biggest movie in terms of the size of the cast (15 ladies), but with all the different parts of the plot there is plenty of action and twists as not only the students but the teachers aswell get a good spanking.

Schoolgirls Christy Cutie and Paris Kennedy get spanked together at the front of the classroom

Christy Cutie and a class of eight schoolgirls get spanked in the classroom – gallery

This scene is just one part of “Exclusive Education 7”. You can watch the full spanking movie as it gets added and the first six movies are already up in full on Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

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