Two Air Hostesses get a firm Hand Spanking

Flight attendant, Michaela McGowen, gets a hard hand spanking over her panties

When air hostesses Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen get into trouble at work the result is a smokin’ hot spanking scene. When it comes to uniforms and fantasies the female flight attendant fantasy is one of the best.. those girls look so neat and tidy in their smart uniforms. As with all professions the cabin crew can be super-friendly and efficient or lazy and bitchy.. Here we find out what happens to the latter type of employee at this airline in the movie OTK Air

Flight attendants Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen get spanked in OTK Air vids

Flight attendant, Samantha Woodley, gets her panties pulled down for a spanking on her bare bottom

Yes, the strict discipline at OTK Air includes panties down for a bare bottom spanking as the two American babes are given a stern reprimand after they land.

I love this movie and can’t imagine why more sexy stewardesses haven’t been spanked in movies and pics. Well, this is a hint if any spanking sites are reading this.. it’s smokin’ hot!

You can check out all the OTK Air spankings at…

Firm Hand Spanking

2 thoughts to “Two Air Hostesses get a firm Hand Spanking”

  1. Not as uncommon as you might think, I know of two cases where hostesses accepted “Good Spankings” after being caught with their hands in the till. I’m serious and I should know as I’m one of them.
    Looking back on it over15 years ago it was worth the humilition to have my bottom smacked and an embarrasing lecture by my superior but that was it. I even got made a Caben supervisor myself some 6 years later.
    Thanks for reminding me of one of my something I have tried to hide for a long time only difference is I was still wearing pantyhose as I lent over hear knees


  2. I had a similar experience only my Senior Stewardess put me over her knee pulled my tights and panties down and spanked my bare bottom for stealing alcohol this many year ago but just before I retired I took the opportunity to spank another hostess for the same reason!


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