Claire Dames and the Butt Plug!!

Claire Dames gets spanked with a butt plug in her ass

When Claire Dames joins Clare Fonda’s whores her first client demands ANAL she freaks out and decides not to go ahead with the session. When Clare hears this she is not happy at all and it’s time she taught her new recruit to take things in her ass. Clare spanks her naughty callgirl and then completes the punishment by spanking her with a butt plug in her virgin ass.

This is another nice update with a cast of four hot chicks but the main action is Clare on Claire (Fonda on Dames). I like the family-like atmosphere with Kylie Reese waiting on the sofa after her own spanking and housekeeper, Rosario Stone, observing the punishment. I like that Mistress Fonda has a naughty housekeeper at her brothel who loves to get involved and spank the girls herself… and also gets spanked herself. Anyways, check out the nice lesbian action at the end to help soothe those sore bottoms.

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