Amelia Jane Rutherford Earns her Education

Amelia Jane Rutherford meets her tutor Lana for the first time

Now it’s officially Amelia Jane Rutherford season!! We love everything about the tall blond from England, she is very cute and has a graceful elegance about her.. that is until she is dragged across a lap and given a spanking. When that happens she is just like every other naughty girl only we are treated to viewing her lovely buns and long legs..

Amelia is told how things will be from now on

This spanking movie is called “The Professional Student“. The title refers to Amelia herself, who’s found herself under her aunt’s guardianship at the age of 20.. While she would normally be old enough to live her life independently her aunt (Clare Fonda) feels that she owes it to Amelia’s mother to make sure she becomes an A+ student and the only way that will happen is with tutor, Lana’s help. So, when Amelia shows up late for her lesson it’s time for Lana to give her a lesson in punctuality, and she is being paid a lot of money to teach Amelia so she intends to be very strict and make sure Amelia learns her lessons…

Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford over the knee photo

When Lana bares Amelia’s bottom the sexy English niece’s embarrassment is clearly visible.. it seems that Lana is pulling down those panties incredibly slowly so that we see her neatly trimmed pubes a quarter of an inch at a time with plenty of time to marvel at the hot chick’s most private of parts. When they are finally down she gets a few brisk slaps across the bare flesh but her punishment has not even begun. Lana has to yank her down and over her knee before we are treated to this hot babe’s OTK spanking which ends up with Amelia’s bottom looking rosy red and very pretty indeed…

Amelia Jane Rutherford's rosy red, spanked bottom

This is a big spanking movie update in several sections. You can see this fine scene only at:

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

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