Sexy Revenge Spanking

Riley spanks Amaya

RileyMoore was mocked at volleyball practice for her red bottom from the spanking Amaya gave her recently. So Riley decides it is time for a little revenge. The tall, athletic girl tosses Amaya Meda over her knee and gives her a hard hand spanking, followed by some swats with the wooden spoon. Amaya must cancel her date, and ends up rubbing a frozen vegetable package on her tender bottom.

Riley spanks Amaya OTK in a revenge spanking gallery

Riley spanks Amaya OTK in a revenge spanking

Spanking Sorority Girls features sexy ladies in some amazing sorority spanking scenes, sometimes with sexy nuns to dish out the discipline. There’s plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect as the new pledges get initiated and begin their sorority life. You can join the site as a part of the best spanking multi-site network on the web… Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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