Mom finds Porcelain has left her clothes all over her bedroom floor again

When “Mom”, Snow Mercy, finds her daughter’s room is in a mess again she is not very happy. It’s not been the first time that Porcelain has had to be told about putting her things away and now there are clothes all over her floor. Snow makes her tidy the clothes before she bends over the bed for first a hand spanking, then a dose of the belt on her rosy red cheeks…

Porcelain bends over the bed for a spanking over her denim skirt

Snow has fast become one of our favourite tops and here she has a nice, big bottom to work with. Porcelain’s high-tolerance and large bottom mean that Snow can really lay into those naughty cheeks…

Curvy Porcelain gets hand spanked and belted for not keeping her bedroom tidy gallery

Mom, Snow Mercy, straps naughty Porcelain with a leather belt

Porcelain is a new spanking model who was often spanked by her mom growing up and once by her father. These scenes are re-enacted with an interview with Porcelain all about her experiences and feelings towards spanking on the website. Like so many spanking models who were spanked growing up, Porcelain has grown to love spanking and gets spanked in her playtime now. She has a round, curvy bottom that can take a hard spanking… as demonstrated by Snow in this scene on Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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