Spanking the Teen Fashion Model

Spanking Candice Mia the Teen Fashion Model

If there is one type of lady who maybe deserves a spanking it’s the glamour models of this world, well it can seem like that sometimes. They strut around in their high heels and their noses in the air looking down on everyone. So, when 18 year old model Candice Mia goes to claim her “free massage” she gets a whole lot more bang for her buck. The sexy eighteen year old strips naked and starts off by getting oiled up. The male masseuse pays particular attention to her boobs and little bubble butt rubbing and squeezing them firmly with his hands. The massage is going well and Candice is really enjoying it, but what’s she doing now? As the guys rubs her back the horny little teen model reaches down for his cock and feels him stiffening inside his jeans. It seems this horny teen wants to get fucked! The masseuse is more than happy to oblige but he also gives that tight little bubble butt a good spanking as he rams his cock into her tight, teen pussy. See how red her bottom gets…

Spanking and Fucking the teen fashion model movie

She certainly does get fucked hard and as well as slapping her cute little butt, her little boobs bounce wildly from the force as he rams his cock into her in all positions. This is one of mu favorite non-spanking sites and, as you can see from this scene, there is even some spanking in it. Hot stuff!! Check out more girls getting “massages” at…

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