Big Boobs Dominated

Submissive Sapphire Blue shows her amazing big boobs

Today’s mini-update sees sexy British blonde with big boobs, Sapphire Blue, dominated by Paige in a very sexy lesbian fetish movie. The buxom blonde plays the submissive sex slave when she brings her mistress some cigarettes. Mistress Paige smokes, blowing smoke into the pretty girl’s face then torments her luscious big boobs with a riding crop. But this is just the beginning for poor Sapphire, she is soon bending over the stool as her mistress smacks her milky white bottom with her hand and the riding crop. And, of course, those delicious big breasts get teased and punished with clothes pegs…

Sapphire gets her tits, ass and pussy dominated by busty Paige

Finally, the sexy submissive with those amazing tits gets on her knees to suck Mistress’s strap-on and with the dildo nice and lubricated the naughty slavegirl bends over and gets pounded by her dominant mistress!

Paige dominates submissive Sapphire and spanks her milky bottom movies

This is a nice and sexy scene for those with like big boobs and lesbian domination. Sapphire Blue is a gorgeous beauty and she gets firmly dealt-with by equally sexy Paige. You can watch the full movie plus many more kinky fetish movies with the hottest euro babes at House of Taboo.

House of Taboo

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