Angel in Blue Jeans

Kenzie Ashley: Angel in Blue Jeans

When we post about a new girl here she’s sometimes been around for a while but we’re only human so maybe it’s just taken us some time to zone in on her glowing red rear.. In this case though we’re pretty sure we’ve never heard of this girl before and we have it on good authority that she has never been spanked.

Kenzie Ashley has just showed up on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and her spanking virginity is about to change in spectacular fashion as she is hauled down over Clare’s knee for a good ol’ hand-spanking on her pretty behind. The spanking starts off over Kenzie Ashley’s blue jeans..

Clare Fonda spanks naughty Kenzie Ashley for the first time in her Blue Jeans

… but it is not long before Kenzie’s jeans are off and Clare starts to lay into her pretty pink panties, then her bare butt! Things look very comfortable when this naughty blonde has those thick jeans on but when they come off the fireworks really start to fly as Clare smacks her ass into a deep shade of red. Check it out in the latest updates at…

Spanked Sweeties

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