Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros is a naughty American who gets spanked by a British man

There are people in Britain who disagree with a lot of the media depictions of the USA, and even the behaviour of certain American popstars and celebrities. This update is for all those people who have a certain American lady they think should get a jolly good spanking. The scene has a vague plot but it is basically an excuse for an uptight British man to pull down a naughty American lady’s hotpants and spank her delicious bottom.

Spanking model Joelle Barros is the offending lady and you can really see her tolerance in this long hand-spanking. The spanking lasts for 5 minutes and by the end her lovely bottom ends up a bright red colour then she faces the wall for some cornertime in only her knee-high socks and white vest.

Joelle Barros gets a hearty OTK hand spanking that lasts for 5 minutes gallery

Joelle's bottom is already a nice pink colour when her hotpants and panties are pulled down

We mentioned recently that Triple A Spanking had been on tour around the USA, and this appears to be from that very tour. You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined and a growing number of American ladies too at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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