Kailee takes the Blame!

Kailee has a note for Mr Ford

Kailee shows up to Mr Ford’s place with a note from her sister Madison Martin. It seems that she had a fight with her sister, giving her a concussion and had to take her to the hospital. So the note explains that teacher, Mr Ford, has Madison’s permission to spank Kailee for making her miss this photo assignment seeing as it was all her fault.

Kailee gives her side of the argument

Mr Ford can see Kailee’s guilt a mile off and nothing she can say can save her poor bottom in his house. Despite her protests, Kailee ends up over Mr Ford’s lap for a very hard spanking… and a VERY red bottom…

I hope you enjoy the photos. In my opinion Kailee is looking sexier than ever, she’s looking very thin and her body looks amazing but the best part is her very sexy, red bottom…

Nothing can stop Kailee from getting a very hard spanking this time

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