Pixie’s Chair

Pixie gets spanked over the knee on her new chair

Pixie doesn’t think her new chair is a very nice present after all and she certainly doesn’t plan on sitting on it anytime soon.

Check out this movieclip, the first angle is fantastic! The very first section of the over the knee spanking is perfection as Pixie’s bottom wiggles as she’s getting spanked. The camera angle is from directly behind her so you get to see her ass and the spanking close-up with her head in the background and legs in the foreground.. looks great to me. When the camera changes to the side view that is also good but the close-up angle is better for me and made me notice Pixie’s bottom a lot more. I think sometimes two different camera angles can make the same rear look completely different.. that is what happens here. I would like to see the full spanking from behind her, especially as this is a very hard, forceful spanking from the stern domme. Watching Pixie’s ass dance around as she squeals out is very hot indeed. It really does look like Pixie will not be sitting down for a while after this one. Click the link below to see..

Pixie’s Chair OTK spanking movieclip

Punished Brats

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