Alison Miller gets 415 swats on the bare

Alison Miller gets 415 swats on the bare

Alison Miller’s juicily jutting bottom gets what it deserves when other students’ belongings are found in her locker at school. Ms Wallace has the cute redhead girl standing in the corner, bottom already reddened from an earlier spanking. Now she’s bare butt over the Principal’s knee for a fast and furious 400+ smacks, which eventually extract an admission of guilt from this pretty senior! Naughty girl, Alison, is severely dealt with and her round bottom gets spanked until it is the same color as her long, bright, red hair. Principal, Cindy Wallace, is on fine form here and you can see Alison’s subtle reactions getting more and more pronounced as the firm, hand spanking goes on for longer and longer. Delicious!

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Firm Hand Spanking

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