Pleasure or Pain?

Isobel's prize is a spanking from Sarah but is it pleasure or pain?

A recent episode at Sarah Gregory Spanking has a lucky lady, Isobel Wren, winning a competition to have a spanking with Sarah. The scene was filmed at Fetish Con 2012 and it made me thing again about whether a spanking is pleasure or pain.

Isobel certainly gets a very red bottom, as you’d expect at a fetish conference, and she is very pretty too. With her long, straight hair and beautiful looks Isobel looks like a model or a very pretty girl-next-door. She has a lovely pert bottom that sticks up in the air as she lies over Sarah’s legs on the hotel bed.

With her panties pulled down Isobel Wren gets her bare bottom spanked with a leather paddle

Isobel was very happy at winning the competition and was eager to get her prize, but once she was over Sarah’s knee was she as happy? Perhaps you can be turned on, sore and happy. The reason bottoms and subs enjoy/want/need a spanking is probably different for everyone but we’re just glad they continue to get consensually spanked all over the world!

You can see this real-life spanking prize, and the delectable Isobel Wren getting her wish come true at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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