Clare spanks Sarah and Ashley

Clare Fonda spanks Sarah Gregory over her knee

Monday’s brand new Spanked Sweeties update is some interviews and a double spanking with Sarah Gregory, above, Ashley Edmonds, below. The strict spanker here is Clare Fonda and she is looking particularly no-nonsense in her approach to disciplining these two naughty ladies.

I really like both of these photos. In the top picture Sarah’s pajama shorts look very cute, a bit like hotpants, as she’s spanked over Clare’s knee. Hotpants and spankings go down like Momma’s apple pie. They’re tight, pretty thin, revealing and make a lovely female bottom look even hotter, especially when she’s getting those buns whacked! Of course, bare is good too…

Clare spanks Ashley Edmonds over her knee

Ashley Edmunds is fast growing into one of my favorite girls on Clare Fonda’s websites. I love the subtle shade of red her bottom has turned into in the photo, above.

On Spanked Sweeties you’ll see both girls get spanked and interviewed about their feelings towards spankings and/or any real-life spankings they might have had. I know that Sarah Gregory loves getting spanked from a dominant woman so you can watch their full interviews at…

Spanked Sweeties

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  1. Hey SBA, Thanks so much for the promo. I appreciate it. I like the pics you chose too to post. Glad you like them. This was one of my favorite spanking scenes, as I love a good “mommy” spanking as you know.

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