Krissy’s Reality Spanking

The first implement is the hairbrush for poor Krissy

On Good Spanking recently Chelsea had the pleasure of doing a half-hour spanking session with lovely brunette Krissy in her “Chelsea Spanks” series.

Krissy begins her spanking session by choosing her implements and placing herself over Chelsea’s knee! Chelsea is looking very pretty herself in a long pink-color dress. She’s spanked quite gently at first over her tight jeans but then the sexy brunette’s jeans come off quickly and her reality spanking continues. Krissy is getting a nice warm-up spanking, as Chelsea works her way toward the first of the implements she chose! The first implement is a nice hard hairbrush which poor Krissy takes with amazing stoicism. Next up, the strap starts to get to her and she wriggles about as Chelsea straps her vigorously in the OTK position! The spanking session is starting to get very real indeed for sexy Krissy and she then takes an intense bottom burning paddling! Finally, it’s time for the flogger and Krissy takes a short break to rub her sore bottom. Chelsea expertly swings the flogger at her exposed rear as she kneels on a straight-back chair. At last, it’s all over and Krissy is able to rub her bottom again and examine herself with a small hand mirror.

Krissy gets a dose of the large wooden paddle on her bare bottom over Chelsea's knee

There’s no storyling in this spanking and Krissy does make some little squeaks but she’s not the most vocal of spankees but it’s a very nice scene all the same with Krissy’s delicious botttom getting a good hard workout. You can watch this full spanking right now, as it is up in it’s entirety, and plenty more “Chelsea Spanks” and storyline spankings at Good Spanking

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