Kailee’s Reform School Caning

The principal discusses the missing money with Kailee

Kailee Robinson bows out of her Reform School series with a blistering 13-stroke caning, jeans and panties down! The school principal had given her some responsibility which involved access to some of the school cash but missing bucks in the academy fundraising account leads right back to naughty Kailee. Understandably displeased, the principal bends her over his large desk for that stinging cane!

13 painful strokes of the cane land on Kailee's reddening butt

13 painful strokes of the cane land on Kailee’s reddening butt as she pays for her misdemeanor..

Kailee shows off her red bottom after her caning

Kailee returns soon in a new role, punishing Abigail Whittaker at…

Firm Hand Spanking

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