Spanking Model Spanked

Sarah is outraged by the state of Dani's room

Dani Hunt, a beautiful British spanking model is staying with Sarah Gregory. Sarah allows Dani to stay in her room, but Dani doesn’t seem to respect the space. Sarah finds it a complete mess. Her suitcase has exploded and there are spanking implements and clothing all over the floor.

Dani Hunt gets spanked hard on her bare bottom over Sarah's knee

Sarah Gregory is not impressed and immediately takes the sexy ebony spanking model over her knee for a nice, hard hand spanking with Dani in her pyjamas. The pyjama bottoms are soon pulled down and the naughty model is spanked on her curvy bare bottom. Then, Sarah decides to use some of the implements to teach Dani a lesson in being a respectful house guest. The paddle, the tawse and the cane are three implements that Sarah has at her disposal and Dani feels the full force of all three.

Sarah uses plenty of spanking implements on Dani's bare bottom

Dani Hunt is the star of the show as she gets her lovely bottom spanked and Sarah looks lovely in her semi-seethru nightie as she brings the pain. But, fans of switching will be pleased to hear that there is a twist in the tail of this story as Dani pulls Sarah over her own knee. You can see this very sexy girl-on-girl spanking on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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