Naughty Brunette gets Punishment Spanking

Naughty brunette gets a sound punishment spanking for smoking

I try not too exaggerate too much or say things like “this is my favorite spanking” or “the best spanking of all time” but for me in my current mood today, this is definitely pushing all the right buttons. What you’ve got is basically a punishment spanking on a nice-looking brunette. Her bottom is hurting even when she’s being spanked over the knee in her jeans so when the strict, large-chested lady starts to yank those jeans down she resists quite strongly. Even though she’s resisting there is little point with a lady as forceful as this. The jeans come down and the panties soon follow. If her naughty bottom was stinging through the denim it is certainly stinging a lot more when her rosy red bottom gets a very hard spanking on the bare…

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The naughty girl has been caught smoking and her Mom is not best pleased, especially as she pays a lot of money to keep her in school. You can imagine this happening in exactly the same way all over the country and all over the world. Once the spanking begins there is no acting here at all, the girl is sobbing because she is getting a very hard hand-spanking, you can tell it’s real and the color of her beet red buttocks are further proof. Things I love about this movie are the hardness of the spanking, the strict, no-nonsense approach of the Mom, the reaction of the girl and the Mom’s big tits. Very nice indeed, see all the action only at…

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