Amsterdam Catch-Up

Clare Fonda in Amsterdam

Here’s a bit of a catch-up, I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while but I finally managed to meet up with Sexy Spanking Goddess Clare Fonda in Amsterdam last month. She’s definitely hot in the photos and movies you can see on her five sites but she is just as good, if not better in real life 😉 So, of course, had to take a couple of pix. I used to take a lot of photographs a couple of years ago but I’m a little rusty at the moment so photographing on-the-fly was a blast from the past and really fun. Clare was awesome and didn’t complain too much haha. For all you warm climate readers Amsterdam was very cold, especially compared to Los Angeles, but it’s always fun hanging out in a place like Amsterdam with someone as cool as Clare Fonda. Check out Clare’s blog and you can join all her spanking sites at the same time for a great price at…

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