School Uniform Hand Spanking

School Uniform OTK Hand Spanking

There are many different kinds of spanking porn. Many spanking movies are filmed with professional models or pornstars and some are made with amateur babes who are just really into the spanking scene.. spankos!

This School Uniform* Hand Spanking movie seems to be the latter, I’ve not seen this lady before and I’d say that she was definitely an amateur. Whether she’s enjoying the spanking I can’t really tell, all you can say for sure is that it’s a pretty hard and painful OTK session. Her big, white bottom gets smacked into a dark pink color so that when she’s doing her corner time at the end the sight of her well-spanked bottom poking out from under her school uniform and long, pretty hair makes her look like a very bad and naughty schoolgirl indeed.

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Girls Boarding School

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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