Beth Thompson gets 60 with leather paddle

$1000 payback on her credit card costs Beth Thompson 60 with a paddle

Today’s update has a lovely lady who is new to this blog, Beth Thompson, getting a nice hard spanking with a leather paddle while she does push-ups. The punishment is for a $1000 payback on her credit card. The sporty American babe finishes with 5 strokes in which she gets a smack to the bottom at the top of each push-up.

It definitely makes me think of all the sporty ladies at the gym who are all dolled up in make-up and tight lycra. Some of them can look quite stuck up or bratty, a bit like Beth does, but like the saying goes “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

Rarely has a girl squeaked, yelped, squirmed and jumped as much as Beth Thompson in this update, “Paid in Full”. Patrick Bateman has the leather paddle, Beth has the juicy booty and together they make spanking music! Beth is spanked during push-ups and over an armchair and just can’t hold still!

$1000 payback on her credit card costs Beth Thompson 60 with a paddle gallery

Beth Thompson shows off her red bottom after 60 with the leather paddle

This update is just one of the three updates this week. In the two other updates Katherine St James gets a 350-smack hand-spanking and a very sore bottom, while Samantha Woodley watches and awaits her turn; then Alison Miller gets spanked with a paddle for missing an audition. You can catch up with all of these hotties and many more of some of the most beautiful spanking models at Firm Hand Spanking.

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