Computer Error

Kat St James has to explain herself when Paul finds the laptop is all sticky

You should have heard of famous spanking model, Kat St James, before, she’s a beautiful and sexy blonde who goes together with spanking like peaches and cream. Some models just seem to be perfect for spanking and Kat is one of them. She looks like she may be a bit of a princess and have the occasional tantrum and her bottom is just perfect!

In this scene Kat is complaining to daddy that her computer is broken and won’t work. She admits to spilling soda on the keyboard. Daddy is very upset that she has not taken care of her belongings. She is spanked hard on her bare bottom, then with a hairbrush.

Paul gives Kat St James a hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom then reaches for the hairbrush

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

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