Rosario’s Rectal Thermometer and Hard Paddling

Rosario's Rectal Thermometer and Hard Paddling

Something a little different today… Anyone who remembers Kara Prepare Yourself will know how kinky the girls went on over there what with mouth-soapings and some fun alternatives to spanking (plus a whole lotta spanking, of course). If anything the Kara site had the reputation of not having very hard spankings which was certainly true for a while but now, with the Kara website morphing into Spanked Callgirls the spankings are much harder and Mistress Fonda has held onto those rectal examinations and kinky stuff for that added extra humiliation of her whores.

Here, we see an example of the hard and the kinky. Brothel madam, Clare Fonda’s maid, Rosario Stone, has to be dealt with firmly at the best of times but now Clare wants to see how far she can push her. A very hard paddling and embarrassing rectal thermometer really show us that Rosario can take a punishment…

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  1. Rosario Stone is lots of fun to spank. She is one of the most underuse spanking models so I plan to use and abuse her more. Like the new layout, Marc. xxx

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