School of Manners

Sarah Gregory gets spanked OTK in Dana Kane's school of manners

Etiquette and finishing schools for young, 18yo+ ladies is a very sexy fantasy. These days especially, when you consider how times have changed, it seems that there are more ladies than ever who could benefit from a good dose of manners. The finishing school, or school of manners, is the perfect place to learn about the nuances of good behavior and Dana Kane is the perfect teacher of etiquette and discipline.

Dana is a smart, professional brunette who is very intelligent and has a wicked sense of humor. In her scenes she uses humor with hard discipline, reminding me just a little bit of Chelsea Pfeiffer with her no-nonsense approach. Here, Sarah Gregory is the recipient of her firm disciplinary techniques…

Miss Kane’s School of Manners: Lesson #1

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah’s first full age play video.

Miss Kane’s School of Manners: Lesson #1 gallery

This is a very nice introduction to Dana’s etiquette school and we can’t wait for the next lesson…

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