Naughty Lisa given the belt on her bare ass

Naughty Lisa gets caught drinking wine and is given the belt on her bare ass

This multi-part spanking movie is awesome! Check out the four sample spanking clips here.

It’s great because…

  • The spanked girl, Lisa, is a babe with a great body and an awesome ass.
  • Lisa is wearing these tight, light blue hot pants which are literally aching to be spanked and pulled down.
  • The guy spanking her with the belt does a great job at spanking Lisa hard for her naughtiness.
  • Before, during and after the spanking Lisa is continually scolded. This makes the spanking that much hotter, especially when she has to be told off for turning round and mis-counts the number of the spankings.

There are beautiful moments in the brief spanking clips when the tutor asks the girl to “stay in position” and pull down her shorts. It’s a little hard for Lisa to do this as the position she’s in is bent across a chair, but she eventually uses both hands to push her tight shorts down below her ass cheeks. She’s wearing a tiny thong under the shorts and she’s told to pull them down aswell. When she resumes the count she skips the number nine and says that the next stroke will be number ten. The teacher questions her and she replies that she is sure… the next thing you see is the strict teacher take aim and let fly with an extra hard swat to her cute round ass that makes her react by jerking her head up instantly. Something tells me Lisa will get her math right eventually…

Lisa has one of the sexiest, roundest asses I’ve ever seen. It’s so pert and cute! To see her round butt get the treatment it deserves in the full-length movie login to Girls Boarding School where there are plenty of high quality movies of Lisa getting her roud ass whooped. These movies are only at Girls Boarding School, you won’t find them anywhere else on the web!!

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