Spanking at the Diaper Night

Kinky Clare Fonda shows Bliss Evermore her diaper

It’s time for some more kinkiness and spanko’s who miss Clare Fonda will be happy that she can still be found… Spanking is kinky to begin with but Clare takes it a little further in Naughty Diaper Girls.

Normally there is a guest every time who gets Clare’s special “diaper training” but this time Clare herself is wearing a diaper and shows it to her girlfriend, Bliss Evermore. Bliss has been married for a little while now and her girlfriends miss her. Clare comes over to show her their latest trend- wearing diapers. This is a fun scene and even has Clare getting a few playful swats on the behind…

Kinky Clare Fonda shows Bliss Evermore her diaper – gallery

Bliss gives naughty Clare some playful swats on her diapered bottom

Clare convinces her sweet young friend to try one on. When Bliss’ hubby comes home he will find his wife in a diaper.

With any fetish there are lots of special terms and abbreviations related to it that people not into it won’t know. So, with spanking we have words like OTK; in diapers they say “AB” meaning Adult Baby, “DL” meaning Diaper Lover and even, combing them both, “ABDL”. If you like ageplay, diapers, pacifiers with very sexy adult ladies you’ll love Clare Fonda’s Naughty Diaper Girls!

Naughty Diaper Girls

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