Spanked on the Stairs

Jenna and Taylor get a naked hairbrush spanking on the stairs

Today’s scene has a very English setting, it is the grand staircase of an old English building… We think this is a very sexy fantasy but everyone here are over 18 years of age and consent to the very kinky happenings…

Jenna and Taylor are two extremely cheeky schoolgirls. They have to report to the “Punishment Stairs” between lessons for a humiliating discipline session from the Headmistress because they had defied strict school regulations. The two ladies had been caught smoking in uniform outside again. Both girls giggled and answered back to their Headmistress who was determined to teach these two a lesson but it was a hard fought victory for the strict Headmistress. She resorted to stripping the girls of their clothing and dignity before giving them both the hairbrush followed by the cane across their bare bottoms. Headmistress was not convinced they had learned their lesson so she left them shivering afterwards just in time for the next school bell when dozens of girls passing would be able to see just who was punished on those infamous stairs!

Naughty Jenna and Taylor get a naked caning by the strict headmistress on the stairs

Naughty Jenna and Taylor get a naked caning by the strict headmistress

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Triple A Spanking

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