Flight Attendant’s Strapping

Beautiful flight attendant Adrienne Black gets told off by her boss

Very tall and sexy blonde Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. The six foot beauty gets 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap that set her lovely buns bouncing red.

Tall blonde Adrienne Black goes over Kyle's knee for a bare bottom spanking

This is a nice firm spanking with some nice hard strapping at the end. If you like uniforms and glamorous models Adrienne Black looks very sexy in her flight attendant’s outfit. There’s also some slo-mo footage of her wonderful round bottom jiggling.

Adrienne Black shows off her well-spanked bottom after a hard punishment

The other Firm Hand Spanking updates this week are with ebony twins Clarissa and Marissa Berkeley getting paddled with a huge punishment board, and Samantha Woodley watching Kat St.James getting a very hard OTK hand spanking from Kyle but Samantha is next.

Firm Hand Spanking

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