Naughty blonde gets bare ass OTK for smoking

Naughty blonde babe caught smoking in bathroom and gets her bare ass smacked

In contrast to yesterday’s vocal strapping of a naughty drunk girl, today’s spanking clips have no talking in them what-so-ever.

What has happened is that a naughty blonde at the Girl’s Boarding School has decided to break school rules by smuggling cigarettes into the school. She knows that she has to be careful when smoking them, she couldn’t smoke in her bedroom and outside is too dangerous so the only place is the bathroom. At a quiet time of day she sneaks into the bathroom, sits on the toilet and lights up. A few puffs into her cigarette she hears footsteps – someone has smelled the smoke and is investigating. Damn! Quickly she drops the cigarette in the toilet and tries to look innocent. When a tutor comes in and smells the strong tobacco smell he immediately confronts the guilty girl. She denies everything but her guilt is obvious. The teacher just needs a little more proof and he finds it with the cigarette floating in the toilet bowl. This blonde cutie has been found out!

What happens next is beautiful in its poetry and simplicity. The disobedient girl already has her panties down from pretending to pee in the toilet, she is simply flipped over the tutor’s knee and the slapping of her pretty bottom begins.

For this punishment both student and teacher know exactly what the spanking is for and the teacher decides that no other words are necessary and lets his hand do the talking as he smacks the hottie’s bare bottom. He holds her firmly with his left arm while swinging his right hand at her tender ass cheeks. Each smack is full force and stings her tail. The rhythm as steady but as her bare bottom OTK continues the speed and intensity of the spanks increases as her ass gets sorer and sorer.

Another pupil walking down the corridor might hear a sound and press her ear to the door of the bathroom. The only sound she would hear would be a steady slap slap slapping and a whimpering as the tearful girl sobs from the spanking. It would probably make that girl remember her own last spanking.. her pussy might even moisten thinking about it.

You can tell that this spanking, whilst just being a hand spanking, is still very hard. Look at her soft, white ass as the firm hand smacks into it. That momentary distortion is a true sign of a good honest spanking.

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