Pajama Suit Spanking

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in pajamas by Dana Kane in age-play scene

This blog is all about the erotic, consensual spanking of adults. Most of the time we prefer it when the adults play their own age but sometimes it can be fun to have a bit of ageplay. Age play is certainly popular among spanko’s. Here Sarah plays a naughty schoolgirl who gets spanked by her tutor, Dana Kane, before bedtime. She’s wearing a pajama suit that covers her whole body, and her feet too. Dana eventually unpeels the pajama suit and spanks her bare bottom but while she’s wearing it the scene certainly has a kinky, age-play aspect to it.

Miss Kane’s School of Manners: Lesson 2

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #2 is that Sarah must keep a daily journal on what she had learned that day about being a proper young lady.

Miss Kane’s School of Manners: Lesson 2 gallery

You can see lessons 1, 2 and plenty of naughtiness and spanking from Sarah at her website, Sarah Gregory Spanking, there’s also some real-life disciplinary scenes with Sarah’s Momma, Dana Specht.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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